PSC Information Article: May - June 2018

Office of the Public Service Commission

PSC Information Article
May - June 2018|Volume 50
“Be Efficient, Be Effective, Work Smart”

Welcome to PSC’s Newsletter Volume 5 which covers events for May to June 2018.

May - June Issue:


    Public Service Excellence Initiative

  •  PSC Radio & Television Program

  •  Tongan Culture Week

  •  Commissioning of new Domestic Terminal Wharf

  •  New Vehicle from WHO to MIA

  •  Introducing the Secretary for Foreign Affairs

  •  Government Forums

  •  PSC Roadshow Program

  •  Presentation from Naulistic Minerals

  •  PSC Internal Trainings

  •  Induction Training

  •  PSC Human Resource Work Attachments

  •  Recognizing Academic Achievements

  •  New & Returning Scholars

  •  PSC Social Committee Activities

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