PMS Information Article - March 2018

Office of the Public Service Commission

PMS Information Article
Volume 27|March2018
"Our Minimum is Excellence"


March was a month dedicated to the completion of the PMS Mid Year Review quality check of results of line ministries. The focus was to quality check the progress / improvements in the way each Ministry has undertaken its PMS Mid-Year Review during the second year of PMS implementation. The PSC Office saw great improvement across the line ministries with regards to more forms fully completed, more forms with ratings justified and more employees confirming proper 1-2-1s with their supervisors. This achievement is accredited to the PMS Sub-Committee members and their strive and commitment to the implementation of PMS in their respective Ministries. Malo e ngaue!

Inside this issues:

  1. Spotlight Feature
  2. Tourism External Attachment Program
  3. PMS Sub Committee No.5
  4. TFES 1-2-1 Assistance

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