PMS Information Article - July 2017

Office of the Public Service Commission

PMS Information Article
"Our Minimum is Excellence"

The month of July, 2017 brought with it the first formal review of the Performance Management System (PMS) implemented by the Public Service Commission across the Tonga Public Service. Results from across the Public Service was due in to the Office of the Public Service Commission on Friday 21st of July, 2017 followed by the submission of all PMS Forms and Evidence of those with an Overall Performance Score of 3.5 to 5 to the PSC office on Wednesday 02nd of August, 2017.

The implementation of the PMS on 01 July, 2016 has seen an increased aware‐ ness of the purpose of the PMS as the first step towards building an accountable and performance based Public Service. Results for the first formal review of the PMS is currently being processed to the Oversight Moderation Committee who will undertake the Oversight quality check process across all line ministry results before determining those eligible for performance rewards. It is anticipated that work on the 2016/17 FY results will be completed by end of September, 2017.

The new month of August, 2017 will see the commencement of the second round of PMS implementation for the 2017/18 FY. The PSC Office will continue to provide support to all line ministries in both Schedules/Groups 1 & 2.

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